Glasgow Shopping

St Enoch Centre
Enoch Centre in Glasgow offers a family-friendly environment that provides a relaxed, fun shopping experience. The Centre is Europe’s largest glass structure and maintains hundreds of shops, the largest Food Court in Scotland, and a children’s play area. 

Prince’s Square
Tourists seeking a large selection of Scottish crafts would be wise to find their way into Prince’s Square. This elegant shopping center focuses on exclusive boutiques, high-end cafes and bars as well as the Scottish Craft Centre. The Centre carries a wide array of Scottish gilded crafts by some of the nations most prolific artisans and deserves to be included in any Glasgow shopping experience. 

Merchant Square
As one of the most sought after “retreats” in Glasgow, Merchant Square located in the city centre is a must for shoppers. The Square itself is located indoors and boasts several exclusive shops in a relaxed, retail environment, as well as specialized arts and crafts outlets that provide an opportunity to find unique gifts for tourists and locals alike.

De Courcy’s Arcade
For the more “off beat” choices around Glasgow, shoppers should add De Courcy’s to their Scottish experience. The Arcade focuses on blending antiques, eclectic goods and a trendy vibe all situated around the city’s fun West End. De Courcy’s engages shoppers with a selection of kitsch home boutiques, independent vintage record and craft shops, as well as a wide variety of lounges, coffee shops, and bars. 

The Barras Market
Tourists in Glasgow cannot miss The Barras Market. Started at the turn of the century and located in Glasgow’s East End, the Market provides not only a historical context to the city, but also a tangible feel to the culture of Scotland. The Barras offers a mix both indoor and street markets as well as smaller specialty shops, antiques, and pubs. Just about anything a shopper desires can be found and purchased at The Market at low prices. However, it is important to note that The Barras does not cater to lavish or exclusive boutique items, rather it specializes in independent goods and services. Even if the goal isn’t to buy, taking an afternoon to stroll through the streets is worth a visit down to Glasgow's East Side.