Special Events in Glasgow

Celtic Connections
The annual celebration of both contemporary and traditional Celtic music takes place each January. Since its inception in 1994, Celtic Connections has grown to see more than 100,000 revelers each year with hundreds of performances spread across multiple venues. It's one of the largest winter music festivals in Europe and among the best Celtic festivals anywhere. Celtic Connections has earned a spot as a permanent fixture on the Glasgow winter calendar. 

Glasgow International Comedy Festival
It's one big laugh after another. True to the name, the event draws talent from around the world. There's also a big focus on local laugh makers, giving the festival a Glasgow touch that can be appreciated by locals and sampled by visitors to help them experience the flavor of the city. It happens every March at various locations and clubs, and organizers work to bring comedy for all ages and tastes through the different acts. 

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art
April sees the start of one of the biggest and boldest art festivals in the United Kingdom, but only every two years. The festival is set for every even-ending year going forward, but the extra wait is well worth it. The event sees a nice variety of art and artist from around the world. The local scene is represented strongly as well. World-class exhibitions give art lovers the chance to take in some of the best contemporary work anywhere. 

West End Festival
It's one of the biggest festivals on the Glasgow calendar, routinely drawing a million people over the June run. Music, dance, theater, and general revelry while enjoying the Scottish summer are all on the bill. It's a fantastic way to experience the city and celebrate with the locals. 

World Pipe Band Championships
Glasgow has been selected to host the World Pipe Band Championships through 2015. It's the biggest event in the world of its type. More that 200 bands and 8,000 pipers and drummers meet and compete. Attendees can also take in highland games and sample a variety of Scottish food and crafts. 

Inspiration Festival
The annual October event is meant to provide young children with a festival centered on them. It's two weeks of performances, events, workshops, and other activities about and for the kids.