Getting Around Glasgow

Glasgow International Airport provides the most convenient transportation option for travelers. Each year, over 78,000 flights and 7 million passengers go through the airport. Directly flights are available to all major cities in the UK, many other select cities in Europe, and a few locations in North America. 

The second option for getting into Glasgow would be to take a train into the city. The city has two busy train stations, Queen Street Station and Glasgow Central Station, both of which are located in convenient locations in the city. Through the Queen Street Station, a traveler can connect to a train that would take them anywhere in the north areas of Scotland. From the Glasgow Central Station, trains to west and south of Scotland, as well as trains to the rest of the UK can be taken several times per day. 

In many cases, driving into Glasgow could also be a great option. The city is located along several major roadways including A8/M8, A82, A80/M80, A77/M77, and A74/M74. These roadways could be used to connect to Glasgow from several other cities including Edinburg, Sterling, and Greenock within just a few hours. 

After arriving in Glasgow, there will be a number of transportation options to choose from. The most expansive public transportation option is the rail system operated by ScotRail, which is also the largest rail system in the UK located outside of London. There are approximately 15 different rail lines located in and around Glasgow, including a few that head towards the airport and some surrounding communities. In total, there are over 180 different rail stations located within the city and surrounding suburbs.

Another transportation option in Glasgow would be to take the subway. Glasgow’s subway system has just one line, which runs a large circle around the city. Along the line, there are a total of 15 different stops, which are within a convenient walk of many residential communities and commercial districts. Over 35,000 people ride the subway on a daily basis. 

Taking a bus through the city is another option. In the 1980s, the city stopped regulating bus service providers and today there are several different bus companies that operate bus lines in the city. This has led to a more competitive service, which has lowered prices and increased convenience. There are dozens of different bus lines along the city, many of which can connect to either the subway or rail system.